We think you're one of us

For us, the road to a sustainable future is clear. In order to reach global and local goals, we must change the way in which we manage our resources, produce materials and build our communities. Our region offers a unique value proposition, and gives us the perfect foundation to meet the needs both of the green transition of industry, and the needs companies have regardless of whether they are small or multinational. We would like to build a sustinable future together with like-minded people, and to be in anspiration to the rest of the world.

Together, we are putting Luleå at the centre of the global transition. We summarise our proposal as Clean, Clever Close – add an -er at the end and you can see our constant ambition. To us, this is a matter of working tirelessly to develop, try new things and improve ourselves, in order to build cleaner, cleverer and closer conditions for tomorrow's solutions to today's challenges. We believe that you're one of us.