We are here for you!

On behalf of Luleå municipality, Luleå Business Region offers  business guidance f or businesses seeking to grow their business in – or bring their business to – Luleå, as well as business support for those of you somehow impacted by covid-19 and therefore in need of information and guidance in your business.

Business support

Our business support service is a collaborative effort between Luleå municipality and Luleå Business Region, where business owners can ask questions about available grants and types of support. Here, you can for example find help and information on how to apply for deferment of taxes and fees. Visit our business support >>

Business guidance

Our business guidance service provides guidance and coaching for those of you who seek to develop your business, or establish it in Luleå. We have the necessary network and contacts to help you along the way. You are welcome to contact one of our business developers, listed below

Oskar Hederyd
Business Developer | Establishment
+46 (0) 70-542 51 10


Karin Åberg
Business Developer | Destination development, private tourism
+46 (0) 70-288 26 90


Linda Björk
Business Developer | Skills supply
+46 (0) 070-671 41 06