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Luleå Business region works to create sustainable business development. We process markets, fund development, establish business and lobby for improved conditions to promote competitive and attractive business in Luleå and the region.

Our mission

Our mission as a municipal business development organisation includes supporting initiatives, companies and forums, locally and regionally. We help investors, visitors, companies and event organisers find their way to Luleå. Regardless of your field of business, or the stage of development your business is in, we will guide you to the right place.  Luleå Business Region also works to monitor and influence regional, national and international processes and decisions which affect the conditions of business development and growth.

We run a number of projects of our own in areas requiring particular support, such as skills supply, and areas for which the conditions in the region are particularly favourable, such as games development and the production of aviation biofuel based on forestry waste products and renewable electricity. Here for you when you wish to realise your ideas let us. Let us help you do business in Luleå.

Jord Jacob Nilsson

Clean Clever Close

In Luleå we are looking towards the sustainable horizon.

Here, we are nearer to the green future. Global challenges have created an opportunity for us to use clean energy, vast natural resources and strong innovation. An opportunity to develop our thinking and the ways we do things, in order to create a cleaner, cleverer and closer community.

We are at the epicentre of the green transition. Would you like to watch us at a distance, or do you want to be part of it and help us build it?